The 90 Day P.H.A.T. BLASTER Program

   In The 90 Day P.H.A.T. BLASTER plan, days of calorie counting and going hungry are over and done with! Go to your local book store and you will find 100’s of books telling you to go hungry and run 5 miles every day. Who has time for that? (Here’s a secret) Those programs are made for you to fail. Why? Because they want you to keep coming back. This program is made to assist you in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The Healthy Yinzer isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life.

The Healthy Yinzer Cookbook isn’t just a cookbook, but a foundation to a healthier lifestyle. Included, you will find recipes to make for your whole family or to prep for the week. Again, this isn’t a diet plan, this is a commitment towards a lifestyle change.

With Phase 1, I’m introducing a new form of training I like to call Fusion. In Fusion you will be introduced to: Contrology, Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHAT), Yoga. Fusion is all about pairing one exercise with an interval of high- intensity cardio for 20 seconds. This routine not only allows you to build muscle, lose fat and raise cardio levels, but the ability to gain flexibility and mobility. Ideally you should strive to follow the program for seven days a week with days for Contrology and Yoga. This program was designed to be done at home with minimal equipment, or as an addition to an existing program.

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  • 45 minute
  • Restorative Flow                                      
    • A perfect class to unwind your busy day!
    • This class was designed to lower your stress levels through a sequence of light twists, forward bends, and back bends.

  • One on one personalized fitness programs based upon our clients needs.
  • Your anthropometric measurements are take weekly to ensure individual progression.
  • We will perform exercise tests based on ACSM guidelines to ensure everyone of our clients have the ability to fully reach their SMART goals.
  • 60-75 minute
  • Body Focus                                          
    • In this class we specially design a class to target a particular area of the body.
    • Knowledge of the poses is recommend but not necessary.
    • Neck and Shoulders, Low Back, Abdominals, Hips, Hamstrings, Calves, Chest Openers.

Sweat  mindfully


Peripheral Heart Action Training (pha)

  • 60 minute 
  • Fusion Class
    • I designed this class specially as a full-body workout to provide the client with strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility.
    • Warm-up: 6 min
    • Phase 1: 15-20 min
    • Phase 2: 15-20 min
    • Cool down: 6 min

Available For private sessions: 

  • Drop in classes: $10 (check schedule).

  • Private: $50 -$100 (depending on time, group size, and location).

  • People schedule private sessions for a number of reasons -- be sure to include your reasoning so I can begin to understand your needs.

Personalized Programs

Yoga Classes

  • ​60 minute 

  • Beginner Vinyasa Flow                             

    • This class is designed to get you acquainted with a few pranaymas (breathing) techniques and how to incorporate them with movement.
    • Sun Salutations A/B are the main practice here.