Healthy eats

  • Boost your health and overall well-being with our Chefs creations. We make sure our clients are getting the proper nutrition to boost your immune system.

  • With our science based approach we make sure your Macro and Micro nutrients are being met with every meal.

  • Looking to start cooking Chef inspired meals from your own home? The Healthy Yinzer Cookbook (coming soon) includes 100 + easy to follow, step-by-step recipes including: Smoothies, Side Dishes, Appetizers, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts!

Cooking classes​

​         The Fundamentals ​

  • In this class our staff guides you through the following:
    • Nutrition Education
    • Recipe Development  
    • Proper Food Handling
    • Knife Skills.
    • Kitchen Tips and Hacks                                                                   
    • This 90 minute class will guided you through meal preparation.
    • Meals are based out of The Healthy Yinzer Cookbook (Coming Soon).​


Healthy cooking

  • This hands-on lesson is the perfect introduction into bold, aromatic flavors found in the Pittsburgh area. You'll be 100% involved in recipe development and we will create a selection of dishes straight out of The Healthy Yinzer Cookbook. This class look to build upon the skills learned in "The Fundamentals class" to make a nutrient dense healthy meal.  Pittsburgh is an up and coming food city with a diverse taste. Look for an arrange of styles and guest Chefs!

  • Traditional Cooking:
    • Breakfast
    • Brunch / Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Plant Based Cooking:
    • Vegan Recipe Development
    • Vegetarian Recipe Development 
    • Dietary Restrictions (Contact for more info)

family foods

  • With childhood obesity becoming a growing epidemic: its important that we introduce healthy habits at a younger age. Studies have suggested when kids help out in the kitchen they are more inclined to adapt a healthier lifestyle and cut down cooking times by 10%!​       
    • We demonstrate different ways to get your child involved with your meal prep.
    • What tasks can they do?
    • Safety
    • Introduction into cooking